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42 Draft Designs

42 Draft Designs is a manufacturer of aftermarket performance parts for late model VW/Audi vehicles. We design and manufacture a variety of products in our 4000ft² facility located in Millersville, MD. The range and diversity of our product line provides only a snapshot of our current and future capabilities. Motivated by the unique, we focus on products designed, prototyped, and manufactured in-house. We can make anything, but we’re not interested in making everything. Our design process allows potential products to be scrutinized with intensity and honesty. Details are emphasized, necessities are challenged, and the finished product stands to redefine. Our design efforts are followed by methodical production, service and support for the life of our products.

Due to growing demand for our products, lead times may exist.

42 Draft Designs products are manufactured from scratch in Millersville, MD. We use high quality American made materials throughout our products, manufacturing in-house every component possible. When necessary to outsource, we start with American companies who manufacture their products in the USA. Our modest manufacturing facility is staffed by a team of 12 machinists, metal fabricators and TIG welders trained to work in exacting precision. From design to manufacturing we never rush, cut corners, or take shortcuts.