Performance StanceDubs

Performance StanceDubs is a vw audi specialized garage located in Ville St-Laurent just west of downtown Montreal


With a qualified and experienced team, you can trust Performance Stance Dubs when it comes to maintaining your vehicle.

Maintenance and Repair services
Oil changes & lubrication
Timing belt Service
Engine Seals, lubrication components, fluid flow components(power steering pumps, oil pumps)
Fuel System (Fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel injectors)
Emission System (engine vacuum and charge pressure system)

Clutches, flywheels
Drive Train System (wheel bearings, control arms, CV joints, axles/prop shafts)
Belts & Hoses
Cooling Systems (water pump, thermostat)
Braking Systems (pads, rotors, calipers)
Charging System
Ignition system (spark plugs, coilpacks)
Suspension System

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